Virtual Technology Creating "Out-Of-Body" Experiences
Can Be Used To Overcome Social Anxiety

25 June, 2013

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Follow us: - Scientists have demonstrated that out-of-body experiences have a positive effect on people who try to overcome social anxiety.

Out-of-body experiences is a subject that definitely should be studied in the future said scientists who participated in the study.

New virtual imaging technology allows people with social anxiety to notice and change anxious behaviours in a safe, controlled environment which could be rehearsed over and over again.

The research (Virtual Environments Using Video Capture for Social Phobia with Psychosis) investigated for the first time whether people with social anxiety could benefit from seeing themselves interacting in social situations via video capture.

The experiment gave participants the chance to experience social interaction in the safety of a virtual environment by seeing their own life-size image projected into specially scripted real-time video scenes.

"People with social anxiety are afraid that they will draw attention to themselves and be negatively judged by others in social situations. Many will either avoid public places and social gatherings altogether, or use safety behaviours to cope - such as not making eye contact and being guarded or hyper-vigilant towards others.

Paradoxically, this sort of behaviour draws attention to people with social anxiety and feeds into their beliefs that they don't fit in.

We wanted to see whether practising social situations in a virtual environment could help," said Dr Lina Gega from UEA's Norwich Medical School and MHCO's Northumberland Talking Therapies.

Paul Strickland from Xenodu, the company behind the virtual environment system, said: "Our system uses video capture to project a user's life-size image on screen so that they can watch themselves interacting with custom-scripted and digitally edited video clips.

"It isn't a head-mounted display - which anxious people may find uncomfortable," he added. "Instead, the user observes from an out-of-body perspective.

They can then simultaneously view themselves and interact with the characters of the film."

"I hope our technology can help make a difference to the lives of people experiencing social anxiety and other specific anxiety conditions for which controlled exposure to feared situations is part of therapy. It is particularly versatile because it doesn't need technical expertise to set up and use. And the library of scenarios can be built on to capture different types of exposure environments needed in day-to-day clinical practice," Paul Strickland added.

UEA researchers worked together with Xenodu Virtual Environments to create more than 100 different social scenarios - such as using public transport, buying a drink at a bar, socialising at a party, shopping, and talking to a stranger in an art gallery.

The participants engaged with a range of scenarios, some of which were designed to feature rude and hostile people. The virtual environments encouraged participants to practice small-talk, maintain eye contact, test beliefs that they wouldn't know what to say, and resist safety behaviour such as looking at the floor or being hyper-vigilant.

"It helped the participants question their interpretation of social cues," said Dr Gega. "For example, if they thought that one of the characters was looking at them 'funny' they could immediately see that there must be an alternative explanation because the scenarios were artificial.

"Another useful aspect of the system is that it can be tailored to address specific fears in social situations - for example a fear of performance, intimacy, or crowds," she added.

"Two of the patients said that the system felt "weird and surreal", so the element of having an out-of-body experience is something to study further in future - particularly because psychosis itself is defined by a distorted perception of reality.

The research is published in the journal Cyberpsychology, Behaviour and Social Networking.

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