Extraordinary Photographic Memory Of Genius Stephen Wiltshire

21 February, 2013

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His mind is unique and his photographic memory allows him to remember everything he has seen. When ordinary people visit a new place, they can normally recall a couple of buildings, some streets and a few details.

This is not the case with Stephen Wiltshire who can draw astonishing landscapes based on what he has seen.

Even more extraordinary is that he just has to see a city once and his drawing will actually look like the city, with every single building ' in its exact place and perfectly sized in proportion to real life. Buildings, windows, arches, doorways almost every detail is precisely correct in size and placement.

After a brief helicopter ride around New York City and produced this drawing afterward, purely from memory. Image credit: Stephen Wiltshire

So how can we explain his remarkable memory?

Stephen Wiltshire is a British architectural artist who has been diagnosed with autism.

Autism hinders certain parts of the brain from communicating with one another, which can lead to difficulties with learning and processing information. However in Wiltshire's case this lack of communication between parts of the brain actually gives him his unique ability.

Wiltshire was born on April 24, 1974 and he has been drawing most of his life.

He began communicating through his drawings after being sent to Queensmill School in London, and with the support of his special-needs teachers, gradually learned to speak.

It was during those school years that they discovered Stephen's special talent, when he drew the ornate Albert Hall following a class field trip without the aid of a photograph.

Today his drawings are famous and admired by many people. Perhaps most astonishing is that

Stephen Wiltshire doesn't just remember landscapes long enough to do the drawing. He retains them, possibly forever.

All drawings and information about Stephen Wiltshire can be found on his website:

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