Thousands Of Spiders Falling From The Sky In Brazil -
Scientists Explain This Curious Phenomenon

20 February, 2013

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Follow us: - We have previously seen that many strange things have fallen from the skies over the centuries.

People have experienced how objects as well as animals have suddenly dropped down on the ground totally out of nowhere.

What is the cause of these strange showers of frogs and toads, along with fish, snakes and worms. Blood has been said to fall from the heavens, as well as meat, muscle and flesh.

Earlier this month, people in small town in southern Brazil were shocked to see thousands of spiders falling from the sky. A resident grabbed a camera and recorded this curious event.

According to scientists, this might be astonishing to people, but there is a natural explanation.

"The phenomenon observed is not really surprising," said Leticia Aviles, who studies social spiders at the University of British Columbia.

"Either social or colonial spiders may occur in large aggregations, as the one shown in the video." The reason, she and others say, is simple: This is how they hunt.

If this is Parawixia, or a similar species, there's a reason the spiders may have appeared to come out of nowhere.

"At night, they all collect in a colonial retreat, probably out of sight in a tree," Uetz said. "Then they build the colonial framework early in the day, and build individual webs upon it. They sit on these webs and capture prey."

Arachnologist George Uetz agrees.

"This is definitely not Anelosimus eximius," said Uetz, who studies spiders at the University of Cincinnati.

He notes that the spiders appear to be spread out on a colonial network of individual orb webs (rather than building a communal nest) and resemble big, orb-weaving spiders - perhaps Parawixia bistriata. "This colony is quite large," he said, noting that the spiders aren't actually raining down.

"The web is fixed, although it is very fine and mostly invisible," he said.

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