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Enigma Of Stone Spheres - A Symbol Of Divine Perfection

9 June, 2014

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Follow us: - Unique stone spheres have been discovered in different places around the world are considered one of the most enigmatic arhaeological puzzles.

Where these intriguing formations come from has not yet been determined; they simply appeared on our planet in the distant past but no one knows why and for what purpose.

In Bosnia, for example, the stone spheres (some broken and some complete) are concentrated in the vicinity of Zavidovici, about 100 kilometres from the Bosnian capital of Sarajevo. Their dimensions vary between fifty centimeters and two meters.

Many of the stone spheres in Bosnia are made from the mineral known as grandiorite, a hard, igneous rock similar to granite. These stone masterpieces are definitely not produced by nature but according to Dr. Aly Barakat, Egyptian geologist, they were created artificially.

Another stone sphere discovered in Bosnia

A large number of "stone eggs" of unknown origin were discovered in Bandeng Hill and Zhanlong Hill, Gongxi Town, Hunan Province, China.
Although, they are not perfectly spherical but rather more oval in shape, they are still fascinating and unexplained phenomenon in China.

Stone artifacts - in the Shennongjia Nature Reserve Area, Hubei Province

They have been found in a wide range of sizes; the smallest one being no bigger than a water melon, while the largest is reported as being the size of a big table.
Upon closer examination they look like eggs from the outside, but are very shiny and black on the inside.

In Costa Rica there are hundreds of stone spheres. Although their size vary from a few centimeters to 7 feet in diameter and the largest weighs 16 tons, they are all - perfectly spherical.

The spheres are mysterious and intriguing because their origin has not been explained. At the same time, searching for clues to their origin and dating is difficult. No one knows exactly how old the spheres are, because Costa Rica had no recorded history before the arrival of Columbus in 1502.

Researchers who have researched the spheres for more than 60 years, have tried to obtain information on the spheres from the local inhabitants, but in vain. The spheres were previously unknown to them and they could offer no relevant clues regarding the artifacts.

None of the people's legends mention the creators of the spheres and no tribe claims that their ancestors made them.

Practically there is no explanation that might solve the sphere enigma and their skilled and advanced technologically creators.

The stone spheres in Costa Rica were discovered in 1939 in an old 10-hectare banana farm called Finca 6 in the town of Palmar Sur, Puntarenas province (South Pacific).

Only some of them have been placed in the National Museum in San Jose; a few have been uncovered during excavations; others are deeply buried in river delta mud or sunken into the jungle's floor.

As in Bosnia, the majority are created from grandiorite that does not occur naturally in the area.
The quarry from which the rock originated is located in the Talamanca mountain range, approximately 50 miles (!) from the area where the spheres have been discovered.

How spheres weighing many tons could come to be so perfectly rounded is still debated. Also many spheres have an extremely smooth surface, probably obtained due to polishing them with a mixture of water and sand. Each of the spheres has a perfectly round circumference with the same diameter at any given point.

The creation of such a sphere requires geometrical knowledge and at the same time, is practically impossible without mechanical means.

Certainly, the artifacts had a special meaning for the natives, because smaller spheres have been discovered in their graves.

Click on image to enlarge

Costa Rica Spheres. Photo credits: mikesosacr27

But we do not know more about their function.

If they had been left at the original place, would they form a gigantic prehistoric planetarium?
Some arrangements of the spheres recall constellations. However, this interpretation cannot be applied to other, much larger spheres, of which their original arrangement has changed naturally or by other means.

In the few cases, where the arrangement was still recognizable, they seem to have been set in patterns of straight, long lines, wavy lines, groups, or even triangles, but no astronomical or astrological meaning was found in them.

American archaeologist Samuel K Lothrop studied the spheres has a theory that the stones were placed in 'astronomically-significant' alignments.

In the book "Atlantis in America: Navigators of the Ancient World", Ivar Zapp and George Erikson suggest that the spheres were arranged as navigational instruments by an advanced seafaring race that influenced the Greek philosopher Plato to write about the lost land of Atlantis.

Zapp's and Erikson's theory would be valid if the spheres were placed in close vicinity of the coast to be seen by navigators.
However, this is not the case.

Yet another explanation was that the spheres could have served as cult images or cemetery markers, a representation of the entire solar system or were perhaps related to some kind of calendar.
Still, the most unique theory is that the artifacts were created and arranged by an extremely advanced prehistoric civilization to function as antennae representing a part of an ancient worldwide power grid. Although many theories have been put forward, nobody really knows when or how these ancient stone spheres were made, by whom, or for what purpose.

So-far, no one has been able to figure out why the stone spheres both in Costa Rica and Bosnia or elsewhere - are located far away from any signs of civilization. Their locations are isolated; no ruins or lost cities were found in their vicinity.

Unknown stonemasons in the distant past were interested to place these mysterious stone artifacts in some places of our globe.

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