Our Planet Earth: Bizarre Sandstone Towers Of The Rocky Town

20 January, 2013

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Follow us: - It's still so hard to imagine that only the sun, rain and wind were the only sculptors responsible for "things" we see while looking at rocks.

Over millions of years, weather and blowing wind have shaped amazing and often unimaginable rock structures - stone giants, rock towns and weird rock formations. Also time contributed to all formations we can admire in this region of Europe.

There are plenty of tales and stories related to the bizarre shapes of the rocky Bohemian empire. They remind us of faces, animals, standing human figures and other things, and according to one of many legends, they represent wedding guests - turned into stone statues.

Impressive towers reaching up to 55 m and steep canyons - Bohemian Paradise

People gave names to individual rock groups and formations because in prehistoric times the mystery of sainthood and worshipping of deity were connected with the bizarre rocks.

In the course of the Earth history, lasting for almost 500 million years, the area was repeatedly the bottom of seas and lakes and volcanoes erupted here several times. Flowing of magma is clearly unsteady, which makes prediction of an eruption really difficult or impossible even with today technology.

Rock cities of Bohemian Paradise are located not far from the region of "seismic tension", where thousands of earthquakes were reported on German-Czech border.

In recent years, scientists have noted an increase in the movement of magma towards the earth’s surface, especially in this particular area.

The sediments of the Mesozoic sea created the base of the current sandstone “rocky towns”. Some of these formations, especially in the darkness, look like human silhouettes. Were they feared or worshiped or both?

Mountain symbolizes the meeting place of heaven and earth, ascent from animal to spiritual nature, and eternity.
This landscape truly seems eternal and timeless.

Sandstone rock cities of Bohemia, located in the modern day Czech Republic. In prehistory, this was the Kingdom of Bohemia, "the home of the Boii," a Celtic people. Many of these rock formations are deformed and frightening shapes; they certainly ignite our imagination.

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Mysterious Dragon's Rocks - Bohemian Paradise

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Ancient grotto called the Adams Bed - Bohemian Paradise.

Since 1955 the region is known as the Bohemian Paradise, the oldest nature reserve in the Czech Republic. The rock cities, located approximately 100 km to the north-east of Prague, Czech Republic are all of Mesozoic age and cover an area of 92 square km.

Situated at an altitude of 238 –488 m (780-1600 feet) above sea level, these structures of varying character represent different stages of development and a whole range of geological, palaeontological and mineralogical mysteries.

They are the most complete example of a sandstone phenomenon.

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