Mysteriously Boiling Water In Russian River Reported

19 September, 2012

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Follow us: - The problem with rivers around the world continues. A while back the Yangtze River in China turned red, and now there are reports of a river in Russia that has suddenly started to boil.

Hundreds of shocked residents that live in Yekaterinburg, Russia describe how a small river named Olkhovka that passes through the city unexpectedly turned into a stream of extremely hot water.

Olkhovka river in Russia begins to boil, causing yet another environmental disaster.

No one knew what caused the phenomenon, but the fact is that the river ecosystem was severely affected, causing the death of thousands of fish lying on the banks.

"The water is really hot. The shore of the river is littered with dead fish," a Professor from a local university said.

The local urban traffic control service reported the problem.

According to them, the most likely cause to the disaster is that a great leakage of hot water that had flowed into the river Olkhovka of such intensity that could be water vapor on the surface.

"The problem is that when the river connects to the pond, the water flows through a tunnel, and no one knows exactly where there was a rush, "Russian urban traffic control dispatchers said.

Industries that might be involved, among which is the "heat supply company Sverdlovsk" deny any connection with thermal pollution of the watercourse. But local authorities are well aware that this is a problem caused by human action.

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