Mount Shasta: The Mountain of Madness?
Part 1

30 October, 2012

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Follow us: - It's almost considered a sacrilege to mention anything remotely negative in the same breath that you would talk about Mount Shasta in metaphysical or spiritual terms.

But Mount Shasta has a deadly and darker side to its legacy, which had long been known to early inhabitants who have lived here since prehistoric times.

"Mount Shasta, so far as I have seen, has never been the home of Indians, not even their hunting ground to any great extent, above the lower slopes of the base. They are said to be afraid of fire-mountains and geyser-basins as being the dwelling places of dangerously powerful and unmanageable gods." - John Muir, Mount Shasta, Chapter 10 of Picturesque California, 1888

For thousands of years Mount Shasta has been respected, if not feared for its power by Native Americans, who believe a force resides there and protects it. Any trip up the mountain would have involved lengthy preparations through prayer, fasting, and guidance by a doctor. Failing to make the necessary preparations for traveling to such a dangerous place could result in getting lost, seriously injured, "going crazy," and perhaps even vanishing off the face of the earth.

Mount Shasta, California. Image Credit: Dustin Naef

It's easy to write-off such beliefs as the product of superstitious minds, but a lot of strange things happen up here from time to time that tend to support these old warnings.

If the ancients were to come back today and look at what kinds of things were going on around Mount Shasta, it's more than likely they would conclude that the spirits on the mountain were making people "crazy", because that's what they always warned what could happen . . .


In September, 2011, a Los Angeles man and former retail sales employee at a big-box store, who I will call John, was hiking alone along the Pacific Crest trail on his way down from Canada, when he became aware of some strange sounds like music coming from the vicinity of Mount Shasta.

He wandered off the trail to search for the source of the sound and became hopelessly disoriented.

He was reportedly lost for several weeks and survived by eating berries and wild lettuce.

He claims that over those weeks that he was wandering lost in the wilds, he kept hearing strange music accompanied by a female voice, sometimes joined in by a chorus of other voices.

"It sounded like really beautiful music," John was quoted as saying to the Shasta County Sherriff.

An unnamed local source is quoted as reporting that John eventually found his way out of the woods by following the same music that got him lost; but the John who came back was a very different person.

"The music seemed to hypnotize me," John admitted. Then events took an even more bizarre turn.

John claimed to have stumbled across some "locals" (whatever that means?) who forced him to enter a cave at the base of the mountain. He was taken inside a dark chamber and stripped of all his clothing, and then a tall female with unnaturally blue eyes and strange clothes arrived to give him some 'gifts'.

He also said that there was a blue-eyed white-haired man there who spoke with him and gave him some 'gifts' as well.

After the ordeal, John now claims that he is in possession of some secret information that can only be revealed to certain people, and he will not talk to the media. John has declined to state what 'gifts' were given to him, or hint at what the nature of the information he was told might be.

It was later discovered that John legally changed his name to 'Kalki', which is the name of a messianic Hindu Indian god-the tenth incarnation of Lord Vishnu-who will rise up in the present age of darkness to annihilate evil and ignorance, leading humanity into a new Golden Age.

Could this be the actual, return of a living god to earth here in Mount Shasta?

-Or an example of somebody possessed through whatever means by one of the 'dangerous and unmanageable gods' Muir spoke of in his writings, who reside on the mountain?


Any numerologically congruent date is a time for much excitement in Mount Shasta.

In the weeks leading up to these events dozens of workshops pop up, and the town's wall-papered with flyers inviting people to join groups with Ascended Masters Adama, Jesus, Saint Germain, or the Pleadians who will all be channeling, healing, vibrating, and meditating on the powerful energy vortex of Mount Shasta during the auspicious date.

On 11-11-11 I was up on the mountain myself, I wasn't part of any ceremonies, I was there alone parked below the Bunny Flat trailhead filming a time-lapse shot of a vortex cloud that was churning and ebbing over the summit.

As my camera was filming I was keeping an eye on my watch for 11:00 a.m., because up here, well, you never know what's going to make an appearance-it's a pretty unusual place full of unusual events and happenings.

The atmosphere at an elevation of around 6,500 feet felt electrically charged with a high level of excitement and anticipation, and on the morning of 11-11, as the clock crept closer towards 11:00 a.m., the highway up the mountain became jammed with a steady flow of traffic of people who had come here from all over the world to unite with the spirits and energy of Mount Shasta.

There were undoubtedly some exquisite experiences being had up on the mountain during the morning of 11:11:11-but for at least one person, it turned out to be the last day anyone would ever see him alive.

The weekend of spirituality turned deadly for a 19 year-old Los Angeles-area man whose shoeless body was discovered on the slopes after he attempted to climb to the top of the mountain wearing only a T-shirt and sweatpants.

The last time he was seen was in the Old Ski Bowl where he was participating in an 11-11-11 group meditation with 10 other people.

Mount Shasta, California - 11:00 a.m. 11-11-11. Image Credit: Dustin Naef

His friends said that he took off his shoes and began hiking up the mountain to place a rock on top of Mount Shasta, whose summit is at 14, 171 feet.

The group apparently thought he needed to go to the bathroom, or wanted some time alone, and nobody stopped him.

It's unclear why the man felt he had to take his shoes off and place a rock on top of the mountain, but when nobody could locate him after he went missing, the search that had begun was postponed after nightfall; his body was discovered the next day at an elevation of 9,600 feet.

Friends of the man's family were baffled and described him as bright, well-educated, and not part of any church or religious cult. He was described as a college-student and not prone to doing stupid things, according to those who were closest to him. And they were disturbed because so many unanswered questions surrounded the tragic event.

According to his friends, the toxicology report came back negative for any kind of drugs or alcohol being present in his system. The pathologist determined that his death was caused by hypothermia as a result of becoming lost, disoriented, and confused up on the mountain.

Why did this person wander away from his friends after a spiritual group-meditation, convinced that he had to climb to the top of the mountain with no shoes to place a rock there? Did something influence him? What was his state of mind that day to attempt doing such a thing?

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Written by Dustin Naef - Contributor

About the author:
Dustin Naef has been a student of ancient mysteries and the paranormal for as long as he can remember. He has worked in screenwriting, graphic design and illustration, produced and designed video best-selling games, and is currently involved in the production of a film documentary and book about the mysteries surrounding Mount Shasta, California.

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