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Mysterious Alien Statues From Jordan -
Still Keeping Their Millennia-Old Secrets

Whom do these most remarkable statues depict? They are in many ways anonymous - lack of human arms and typical indications of gender. Was it an unknown extraterrestrial race of beings who visited prehistoric Jordan... Read more:

Incredible Ancient Metallurgical Wonders
That Defy Explanation And Pose A Real Mystery Even Today

Largest Collection Of Ancient "Cup-Marked" Rocks Ever Found In Scotland

Enigma Of The Ancient Magnetic "Fat Boys" And Their Curious Magnetic Properties

Unique Early Iron Age Bronze Relics Of Lorestan's Old Cemetery

Prehistoric Heavy Machinery Of The Ancient Times Or Just A Piece Of Jewellery?

Baffling Depictions Of Pharaohs And Gods With Two Left Or Two Right Hands

Is America's Mysterious Waffle Rock Proof Of Ancient High-Tech Or A Natural Formation?

Artifacts Of Unknown Origin - Messengers From Space?

Was Our Tailor-Made Bubble Universe Created By A Superior Intelligence Living In Another Universe?

NASA Explains Mysterious Light On Mars - Are You Convinced?

Mysterious Cycladic Culture Lost In Time - Why Were Its Idols Intentionally Destroyed?

Mysterious Face Discovered Carved On Boulder In Scotland

Total Lunar Eclipse Arrives just After Midnight On April 15 - It's A Special Event

Ancient Egyptian 3,300-Year-Old Coffin Buried With Gold Scarab Seal Of Pharaoh Seti I - Unearthed in Jezreel Valley

Our Bodies Have Transformed And Become Weaker Over The Millennia - Male Farmers 7,300 Years Ago Had Strong Legs Of Marathon Men

Mysterious Brain Of Daniel Tammet - A Scientific Rosetta Stone

Sun Chariot - Powerful Symbol Of The Bronze Age Cosmology

A Scientist Predicts The Future -
Is This What You Expected?

Biblical Noah's Ark Was Strong Enough
To Carry Two Of Every Animal - Study Says

Mysterious Chinese Imperial White Jade 'Hinge-Fitting' Is Now For Sale - Its Design And Meaning Remain A Puzzle

Mysterious Mohenjo Daro Was Home To
An Unknown Advanced Civilization Far Ahead Of Its Time

Scientists Say They Found The Holy Grail -
The Magical Object With Unique Powers

Secret Magnificent Ancient Treasures Dating Back To 1085 B.C Are Hidden At Wadi el-Gharbi In Egypt

Discovery Of Unusual Ancient Skeleton Offers New Evidence
Giants Inhabited California

African Stonehenge - Extraordinary Stone Circles Of Senegambia - Who Were Their Unknown Builders?

Was Prehistoric Baghdad Battery A Unique Find Of The Ancients? - Did Its Manufacturers Discover...

Unsolved Ancient Mystery: Why Were These Foreign Shoes Hidden In A Temple?

Unique Mysterious Figurines With Enormous Eyes - A Legacy Of Tell Brak Now On Emergency...

Scientific Proof Thoughts And Intentions Create Physical Reality

Time Capsule: Sunken Ancient Roman City Of Baiae With All Its Streets Imperial Villas And Statues

Secrets Of Legendary Viking Crystal Sunstones And The Mysterious Uunartoq Artifact

The Burnt City - Mysterious Prehistoric Inhabitants Of Unknown Origin With Knowledge Of Animation...

Curious Humanoids Discovered On Fascinating Never-Before-Seen Petroglyphs In Utah

Entering Another Person's Dream And Changing Its Direction Is Possible - But Should We Interfere?

A Well-Preserved Skeleton Of 'The Supervisor Of The Scribers' Of The Fifth Ancient Egyptian Dynasty

Strange Hoodoos - Growing Stones - An Incredible Geological Phenomenon

Spiritual Reality
Near Death Experiences - What Can We Expect?

Does A Prophetic Warning Say A Truth? - Will The Rongorongo Enigma Never Be Solved?

Intriguing Historic Past Of Perthi Duon - Remnants Of The Monument's Deeper Past

Remarkable Massive Statues Of Pharaoh Amenhotep III Discovered In Luxor

Mysterious Ancient Bell-Shaped Metal Vase Embedded Within 15 Feet Of Solid Sedimentary Rock

Fascinating Artifact That Reveals Prehistoric Knowledge Of Nanotechnology

What Is Causing The Mysterious Windsor Hum? Canadian Government Attempts To Find

1,800-year-Old Letter From Egyptian Soldier Deciphered By University Student

Enigmatic Ancient Crypt Magical' Inscriptions And Mysterious Signs - Ancient Secrets Of Monastery

You Can Open Your Third Eye With Magnet - To Not Only See Things Within This Dimension But...

Biblical Events Confirmed: The Jerusalem's Wall That Nehemiah Built

Proof Of Superior Ancient Technology - Found In All Four Corners Of The World

30,000-Year-Old Revived Siberian Virus Could Be Our Doomsday Weapon - Professor Warns

Spectacular Reed Flute Cave With Multicolored Lighting Admired By Millions

'Invisible' Pyramid - The World's First 3D Acoustic Cloak Created

Most Famous Of The Ancient Earthworks Of North America - Best Seen From The Air

Mysterious Ancient Relics That Still Baffle Archaeologists

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Does The Ingá Stone Contain A Coded Message From An Alien Civilization? An Intriguing Mystery...

The King Who Refused To Die: The Anunnaki And The Search For Immortality - Book Review

Mystery Of Ancient "Magical" Mirrors - Some Of The Most Strangest Objects In The World

The Mysterious 'Atacama Humanoid' - One Of The World's Most Baffling Skeletons

DNA Of The Gods: The Anunnaki Creation Of Eve And The Alien Battle For Humanity

America's Ancient "Mystery Stone" Remains An Unexplained Puzzle

Three Fascinating Old Time Travel Cases - These People Say They Saw The Future & Past

Forgotten Civilization: The Role Of Solar Outbursts In Our Past And Future - Book Review

Odd, Unexplained Disappearances Haunt Our Nation's National Parks

Beautiful 1,700-Year-Old Roman Mosaic From Lod, Israel

Millennia Old Mysterious Stone Faces Of Unknown Origin - Who Carved Them And For What Purpose?

Is This What Humans Will Look Like In Millions Of Years From Now?

Erich von Däniken - Celebrates 79 Years - Interview With The Father Of The Ancient Astronauts Theory

Unique Sphinx Statue Unearthed North Of The Sea Of Galilee

The Universal Law of Harmony - The Most Important Of The 20 Universal Laws

Inside The Mind Of Lucid Dreamers: People Who Can Control Their Dreams And Perform Actions

Secretful Diablo Pyramid Sheds Light On The Mysterious Maya Sun God With Many Faces

Unwrapping Secrets Of Egyptian Mummies - New Study Challenges The Scientific & Medical ...

Our Brain Is A Holographic Machine Existing In A Holographic Universe

Professor Offers Photographic Proof
Of Fairies

7 Ways Our Children Are Being Brainwashed - Where Do The Origins Of Mind Control Begin?

World's Oldest Calendar Reveals The Beginning Of Time

Mysterious Unexplained Light Photographed Over Mars - What Is It?

Stolen Egyptian Artefacts Recovered From The US - On Its Way Back To Egypt

Is 3,500-Year-Old 'Ahmose Tempest Stela' World’s Oldest Weather Report?

Rare Babylonian Cuneiform Cylinder Devoted To Nebuchadnezzar II - Is ...

Ancient Script Reveals Mysterious Location Of Legendary Hanging Garden Of Babylon

Spectacular New Images Of Angkor Temples Added To Google Street View

Medieval Philosophers Were Familiar With The Many-Worlds Concept - Has Modern Science Just ...

Unknown Records Of Hawaiian Traditions Before The First Contact With The Outside World

The Stonehenge Codes: A New Light On Ancient Science - Book Review

Mystery Of Ancient Gene Spreading - Irish Light Skin Can Be Traced To India And The Middle East

Sirius Mystery - Scientific Evidence Of Alien Contact 5,000 Years Ago - Book Review

Unraveling Pharaohs' True Knowledge Of Hieroglyphs - Could All Pharaohs Read And Write?

Most Famous Escape Story From Colonial Australia - The Only Written First-Hand Account...

Alien Toy? All Attempts To Solve This Ancient Mystery - Failed

Remote Asteroid - Chariklo Have Two Rings - New Observations

Ancient Tibetan Medicine - Exhibition Of Old Healing Manuals And Surgical Tools

Precious Ancient Treasures Discovered In A Remote Cave High Above the Dead Sea - Now On Display

10 Scientific Studies That Prove Consciousness Can
Alter Our Physical Material World

Nine Tiny Unopened And Long-Forgotten Dead Sea Scrolls - Now In Focus

Secrets Of Staffordshire Hoard - Unique Discovery Sheds New Light On The Beowulf Poem

Ancient Polynesians Used The Binary System 1,000 Years Ago Before A Computer Existed

9,000-Year-Old Stone Masks From The Ancient Land Of Israel - Most Ancient Human Portraits

Norsuntepe - Why Was It Abandoned And Destroyed By Fire?

One Million Enigmatic Petroglyphs At Pilbara May Be The Planet's Most Ancient

Enigmatic Ancient Sky Caves Of Nepal - Their Purpose And Builders Are Unknown

Vast 'Oceans' 400 To 700 Km Beneath The Earth's Surface - First Terrestrial Discovery

Mysterious Ancient Falicon Pyramid And Its Complex Obscure History

Intriguing Underground Caves Discovered In South America May Hold Clues To How Continents Formed

Abydos -
Most Ancient Of The Cities - The Sacred One

Scots Are Descendants Of A Long - Lost Race From Sahara - DNA Reveals Secrets Of The Past

"Lost City of Giants" Could Be Hidden In The Jungle - Can These Extremely Large Ancient Tools ...

Mystery Of The Saddle Ridge Hoard - The Largest Gold Discovery In US - Is The Greatest Heist Of ...

Statue Of Amenhotep III's Daughter Unearthed In Luxor

Mysterious Megalithic Alleys Of Carnac - The Truth About Them Remains Shrouded In Darkness

Puzzling Ancient Artifacts Of Unknown Origin And Purpose

Controversial Ancient Tomb Could Prove The Existence Of Biblical Jonah

3,300 Years Old Mysterious Jade Of Unknown Origin Puzzles - Where Does It Come From?

Mythical Creatures And Celestial Beings Depicted In North America's Oldest Rock Art

Incredible Ancient Machines Invented By Hero Of Alexandria - An Engineer Far Ahead Of His Time

Astronomy Corner
Heart-Shaped Feature Spotted On Surface Of Mars

Wobbling Alien Worlds With Odd Tilts Might Be Surprisingly Habitable

Supernova Remnant With Several Unusual Properties - Discovered

Astronomers Have Spotted The First Signs Of An "Exomoon - Is It A Moon Or Planet?

Don't miss!
Ancient Reptilian-Like Humanoids Hold Secrets Of Mankind's Origin

Sacsayhuamán - Was It A Work Of 'Demons' Or The Viracochas The Bearded - The 'Shining Ones'?

Fascinating Journey To Incredible Ancient Sacred And Lost Places

We Are Spiritual Beings Dressed In Bio-Body Suits - Our Thoughts Are Powerful Enough To Change Physical Reality - Professor Says

Antediluvian Legacy - Small Cube That Remains A Great Challenge To Science

'Demon Star' Algol In Focus - Millennia Old Astronomical Secret Revealed

Teleportation Phenomenon Raises Baffling Questions About Your Existence

Giants Of Monte Prama - Mysterious Ancient Statues With Unearthly Eyes - Now Finally On Display

Unique 1,500-Years-Old Ancient Shaman Statue Discovered Guarding An Underground Burial Chambe

Striking Ancient "Stone Idols" - The Forgotten Polovtsian Statues Of Eastern Europe

Mysterious Rock Carvings Of Qajartalik - Faces Of Unknown Beings

Secrets Of Indigo Children - Are They Humanity's Last Hope

How Many Realities Can Exist Inside The Holographic Universe?

Prehistoric Hi-Tech Nanospirals Barely Visible To The Naked Eye - Still Remain An Unsolved Mystery

A Strange Celestial Body Dancing Back and Forth

Dustin Naef Articles
Very interesting articles written by our popular writer who takes you on fascinating journeys to amazing and mysterious places. Many of his articles focus on the mysteries of Mount Shasta...


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