A Rare 1500-Year Old Discovery -
The Fifth Golden Figurine With 10 Strange Protruding "Teeth" Found

27 June, 2013

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Follow us: - Using metal detector, hobby archaeologists have recently made a rare, 1500-year-old discovery on Danish Island of Bornholm.

The exact place, where the artifact was found is Smørenge, located about 7.5 miles from Rønne, the capital of Bornholm.

The artifact found in a field area with a lot of pasture and meadow, depicts a naked woman and weighs only three grams.

Despite standing just 4.2cm (1.7in) tall, the figure is intricately detailed with her facial features and incised hair clearly visible. She is naked except for a patterned belt, and appears to be standing on tiptoe or jumping.

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Photo credits: Image: Rene Laurensen

It is the fifth gold figurine to be discovered in the field since 2009, but the first thought to represent a woman.

’We think people chose this place because of its springs – perhaps the gold figures were sacrificed to the gods in the 6th or 7th century AD with wishes for good health, fertility, or a good harvest.’

Since 2009, we have found four male figures in the same area, but a similar nude female figure is not known.

The figure is made with a lot of details despite its modest size.

Most unusual is 10 protruding "teeth" along her spine and clear cuts around the breasts and sex.

With three figurines found within 5m of each other (16ft) and the other two 10-15m (33-50ft) further away – perhaps scattered through modern ploughing – it has been suggested that they could have been votive offerings deposited around an Iron Age shrine.

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The newly-found figurine (far right) brings the total of gold figures discovered in this field to 5. Photo: Rene Laurensen

Credits: Bornholm Museum

Credits: Bornholm Museum

Previously, archaeologists found 24 gold artefacts, which are small pieces of gold foil from the Iron Age, depicting animals or humans and most likely were used as sacrifices at a sacred spring.

There's a lot of unanswered questions about the female figure. She could represent a sacrifice for fertility and perhaps even health because of her athletic appearance.

The place where golden figurines were found was probably chosen due to the presence of one or more springs.

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