Doomsday Device Will Track Dangerous Apophis Asteroid

15 October, 2012

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Follow us: - We have previously discussed a very dangerous asteroid named Apophis that could strike Earth and cause the end of the world. Apophis will make it closes approach to our planet in 2029 and return in the year 2036.

Named after the ancient Egyptian god of evil, astronomers estimate that Apophis has 1 in 45,000 chance of colliding with Earth and it is essential that we closely monitor its course.

One way of keeping track of the celestial body and assessing the risks it poses, is by placing a radio beacon on the 300-metre-wide asteroid.

It is the Russia's space agency, Roscosmos that wants to place this doomsday device on Apophis. The Russian agency is already planning a robotic mission to the asteroid.

A doomsday device, such as a radio beacon can track Apophis.

The plan is "to land a module on the surface of Apophis and set up a radio beacon there, which will work after the spaceship's lifetime expires," chief Vladimir Popovkin said at the at the Space Research Institute in Moscow.

The beacon signal will allow astronomers to better calculate Apophis' movement and the effect of the 2029 Earth flyby. The mission would not be launched before 2020.

Will Russia save the world from Apophis and a potential doomsday scenario?

Astronomers have on several occasions lost track of hazardous NEOs like for example asteroid 2008SE85 and the mysterious space object named 2201 Oljato.

These object were later re-discovered. Unfortunately, we cannot afford ourselves to lose track of Apophis. If things go wrong, it can be too late when we find it again.

So it does sound like good idea to place a doomsday device on Apophis and monitor it closely.

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