Matrix Dilemma -
Do Humans Live In The Ultimate Computer Game Of The Superior Ones?

30 May, 2013

First version of this article was originally published on 14 October, 2012

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There's a distinct possibility that the universe, our life, and everything around us are part of a vast, living and 3D holographic simulation conducted by "someone" invisible and superior to everything known in the universe!

Is it the ultimate computer game of the superior ones?

Ancient thinkers pondered the dilemma - whether the universe that we currently inhabit is a numerical simulation performed by our distant descendants.

A vast scientific literature is also devoted to exploration of various aspects of our universe as a computer simulation. Modern scientists seriously ponder a scientific conundrum: Is it all just a perfect extensive simulation; is nothing real?

How to find out?

Already in 2003, professor Nick Bostrom at the University of Oxford suggested that we may be living in a computer simulation.

He said that at least one of the following three propositions must be true:

1. Almost all civilisations at our level of development become extinct before becoming technologically mature.
2. The fraction of technologically mature civilisations that are interested in creating ancestor simulations is almost zero.
3. You are almost certainly living in a computer simulation.

Now, a group of scientists led by nuclear physicist Silas Beane at the University of Bonn have developed a test that can check, if we really live in a simulated virtual world.

Beane's group is aware they don't have sophisticated methods of simulation, the algorithms and necessary hardware to simulate the quantum universe on a large scale.

Such sophisticated means are unknown yet.

Still, scientists are able to make such simulations in an ultra-small version of the universe that's down to the femto-scale, which is smaller than the nano-scale and where the space-time continuum is replaced by a lattice, (similar to 3D graph paper) to monitor the strong nuclear force in an atom and how it works over time on this scale.

As the scale gets smaller and smaller, the simulation eventually hits a limit on how much energy particles can have.

"It is conceivable that some of the ingredients used in present day simulations of quantum fields remain in use, or are used in other universes, and so we focus on one aspect only: the possibility that the simulations of the future employ an underlying cubic lattice structure," they explain in their paper.

According to Beane, a simulation of the universe, no matter how complex, would still have constraints which would reveal it.

"The numerical simulation scenario could reveal itself in the distributions of the highest energy cosmic rays exhibiting a degree of rotational symmetry breaking that reflects the structure of the underlying lattice," the scientists say. With current achievements in algorithms and high-performance computing (HPC) is now possible to simulate Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD), the fundamental force in nature that gives rise to the strong nuclear force among protons and neutrons, and to nuclei and their interactions.

The idea is based on the assumption that whoever built our computer generated life, our existence and our universe - built it in the same way we build ours.

But - if those invisible and superior computer masters have constructed a different way of doing things - we might never even notice that something is very wrong with "our world" - this matrix we live in!

Once again take a look at this!

The idea that we might be part of a highly sophisticated computer simulation confronts us with some sensitive topics and we might be forced to question the nature of not only death, but God as well as.

ich Terrell, from the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology believes that we are living inside a matrix and the being we refer to us God is a programmer in nature.

"One has to think what are the requirements for God? God is an inter-dimensional being connected with everything in the Universe, a creator that is responsible for the Universe and in some way can change the laws of physics, if he wanted to. I think those are good requirements for what God ought to be," Terrell says.

This is the same as programmers creating simulations, Terrell explains.

The Matrix Dilemma also makes us wonder about the reality of death. We have previously discussed Robert Lanza's theory that death could be an illusion. Lanza suggested that we continue to exist in a parallel universe.

Now, let us suppose for a minute that we really are nothing more than holograms existing in a computer simulation. If that is the case, what happens when we die? Are we simply only "erased" from the program? Has "someone" just pressed the delete button?

These are fascinating, thought- provoking questions and naturally we want to know the truth. But is it really possible to test the holographic universe theory or will our scientists just run a simulation within a simulation?

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