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Our Lives Have Always Been Manipulated By Money - part 1

For 4500 years, human life was controlled and even manipulated by money. Ever since ancient times, money has played a central role in the people's lives, regardless of whether payment has been rare shells, worthless iron coins... Read more:

Ancient Aliens In Polynesia - Did Extraterrestrials Visit The Island Of Nuku Hiva?
Are these depictions of ancient oddly-dressed priests or ancient aliens that visited this part of the world...
Story About Thousand-Year-Old Underground Network Of Caves
There is an underground world of never ending tunnels and massive caves dug by unknown ancient men. Some researchers believe that beneath the surface of...
The Lost Prophecy Reveals Chilling Future Events
Hidden from public view for hundred of years, this ancient manuscript contains chilling predictions of the future, revealing a number of catastrophic events...
Hermetic Towers: 'Acupuncture Needles', Man-Made Antennae Or...
What was the hermetic towers' function from the beginning? Were they man-made antennae designed, constructed and used as huge resonant systems...
Children That Emerged From Underground - A Parallel World?
There is a remarkable story describing an incident that happened in the village of Woolpit in Suffolk, at some point in the twelfth century...

Past Present And Future Exist All At Once - Unravelling Secrets Of Quantum Physics
But how can the past and future be, when the past no longer is, and the future is not yet? The distinction between past...

'Speaking Stones' Remarkable Structures Of Karahunge, Armenia
There is a megalithic ancient site of Karahunge, called "Speaking Stones" or "Stones with Voice" has been abandoned and...

Pre-Christian Mystery - Stone Figure With Hidden Unexplainable Distant Past
Prehistoric cemetery on Boa Island keeps its old secrets. Among them, there are two enigmatic and very unique pre-Christian stone figures...

Does Inga Stone Show A Proof Of Unknown Ancient Technology?
It's covered with mysterious ancient signs and remarkable engravings of geometric shapes. Who made these astonishing drawings? There are about 497 signals...

Lost Device Of Highly Advanced Civilization: 3,000-Year-Old Mystery
One of theories proposes that mysterious conical hats were worn by "king-priests" (Lords of Time) because of their ability...

Mycenae Kingdom - Home Of The Mythical King Agamemnon
One of the greatest Greek civilizations is the Mycenaean civilization, famous for its majestic architecture and imposing monuments...

Enigma Of Ancient Egyptian Electricity: From Heads To Toes Of The Gods
From all the present evidence we have we can conclude that ancient Egyptians were in control of electrostatic power and...

Technologically Sophisticated Artifacts With Potential To Change History
Diggings and drills into the Earth's rock and layers of coal have revealed numerous artifacts being found in earth strata....

Daily News

Shepherd's Monument Mystery: Yet Another Undeciphered Inscription

There are still many mysterious ancient scripts, tablets, codes and maps that until this day remain undeciphered. For a long time, the Shepherd's Monument in Staffordshire, England and its cryptic inscription was considered to be a great puzzle... Read more:

Incredible 10,000-Year-Old Forest Discovered Underwater
Genghis Khan Was Not The Only One With Strong Genetic Legacy
Striking Hindu Temples - Ancient Connection To The Maya And Sumer
There are striking similarities between ancient Maya and certain Indonesian temples. How is it possible that these ancient...?
Two Vatican Mummies Revealed As Forgeries
Was Tutankhamun's Beard Broken Off And Glued Back On?
Kennewick Man May Have Been Native American - Researchers Say
Surprising Ancient Mummy Mask With Gospel Fragment Discovered

Amphipolis Mystery Continues: Ancient Kasta Tomb Reveals At Least Five Corpses
The remains found in the grave of the famous and mysterious Amphipolis Kasta tomb, Greece, belong to five dead...

Mystery Of Ancient Ibaloi Fire Mummies Revealed
2,000-Year-Old Ancient Secrets In Scrolls To Be Revealed Soon
These 28,000-Year-Old Sex Toys Are The World's Oldest Ever Discovered

Archaeologists Reveal New Ecosystem Finding in Burnt City
Excavations in the Burnt City, regarding the ecosystem of the people, type of food and clothing, burial procession and...
New Finds May Shed Light On The Quest For The Lost Temple Of Apollo
New finds on a tiny island just off the Black Sea coast near Sozopol, Bulgaria that may shed light on the quest...
Koyamada Ruins Discovery: Ancient Emperor's Grave In Asuka, Japan
Remnants of a mid-seventh century burial mound for an ancient emperor at the Koyamada ruins, uncovered...
Roman Drunkard Discovered On Falster - Contact Between Scandinavia And Roman Empire
How To Play 'Kottabos' - 5th-Century BC Ancient Greek Party Game
5200-Year-Old Burnt City: Discovery Of Leather Bearing Drawings

Remains Of Ancient City - Bigger Than Nearby Cahokia Mounds - Unearthed
East St. Louis was a bustling city chock full of immigrants and around 1000 A.D., it was bigger than...
Researchers Report: Evidence For Ancient Bone Surgery At Kuelap, Peru
Trajan's Column In Rome Reveals Important Role Of Military Women
Go Mediterranean: Start Eating For Better Health And Weight Loss

Beautifully Painted Yuan Dynasty Muralsm Discovered Inside Tomb
Elaborately depicted murals created during the Yuan dynasty, some 700 years ago, have been found in a tomb in Hengshan county, north Shanxi province...
Ancient City Of Heraklia And Beautiful 8,000-Year-Old Rock Drawings
Heraklia, at the foot of the former Latmos mountains, the Besparmak Mountains of today is a magnificent ancient city with 8,000-year-old rock drawings...
Stone Age's Ancient Relics Are Emerging To Melting Glaciers
New Discovery: Ancient Golden Artefacts Unearthed In Almaty, Kazakhstan
Excavations of a burial mound in Alatau district of Almaty have uncovered unique golden artifacts...
A 1000-Year-Old Grave: Blacksmith From The Viking Age Buried With His Tools

Hiding Place Of Fugitive Czech Hussites: Discovery Made In Subcarpathia, Poland
Mysterious structures associated with an unknown medieval episode of the presence of Czech Hussites in this small village...
A 1,200 Year Ago Greenland's Eskimos Used Meteorite Iron To Make Tools
'Fool's Gold' Mirrors Found in Arizona Reveal Ties to Ancient Mexico

Lost Device Of Highly Advanced Civilization: 3,000-Year-Old Mystery

Amazing Gigantic Engravings Existed Long Before Ancient Egypt

Pre-Christian Mystery - Stone Figure With Hidden Unexplainable Distant Past

Recommended Books

Wandjina - Legacy Of Australian Aborigine Cave Paintings
Wandjinas, mouthless white faces with big black eyes, nose and a halo-like headdresses - make them instantly recognisable...

Car-Like Objects: Prehistoric Knowledge Of The Wheel

Lost Vedic Saraswati River Of Prehistoric India

Controversial 5,500-Year-Old Sumerian Star Map Of Ancient Nineveh

Forgotten Kingdom Of Ebla Destroyed By The Weapons Of The Gods
Mysterious ancient city of Ebla ("White Rock") existed thousand years before biblical time of Kings David and Solomon...

Vijayanagara - The City Of Devas - 'The Shining Ones'
The city was once the flourishing and beautiful capital of the Vijayanagar Empire. Today, there are only ruins of stone temples, smaller shrines...

Never Explained Mystery Of Star-Shaped Towers Of The Himalayas
Among many Chinese mysterious structures, are star-shaped towers. Some of them are more than 100 feet tall. Not much is known about their origin. Their age is also very disputable.

Bep Kororoti - Sky God And Ancient Space Warrior Who Visited Earth

Legendary Kachinas - Watchers Of The Hopi
Are Priceless Ancient Gold Tablets Of The Serpent People Hidden Underground In Los Angeles?

Prehistoric Surgery: Skull Operations Technically Superior To Our Own
Impressive surgical achievements were recorded in several parts of the world and revealed extraordinary skills in head surgery.

Is Mysterious And Powerful Vajra One Of The Most Dangerous Weapons Of The Gods?
An unknown, terrible and powerful ancient weapon could have contributed to the collapse of one or several advanced technologically civilizations...

Largest Prehistoric Monolith 'Stone Of The Pregnant Woman' Found In Baalbek

Gods And Their Advanced Technologies: Talos A Greek Robot Created By The God Of The Forge

Mystery Of The Enigmatic Phaistos Disk Remains Unsolved

Sacred Tibetan Books Reveal: Unimaginable Lifespan Of The Gods - 'Heavely Ones'
The very ancient and mysterious Tibetan books "Kantyua and Tantyua" are a treasury of sacred wisdom...

Mysterious Dark Watchers - One Of America's Greatest Ancient Riddles
Where these elusive beings came from and where they go remains a mystery. They leave without a footprint...

11 Extraordinary Out-Of-Place Artifacts That Science Cannot Explain
There are many remarkable ancient artifacts that could re-write history as we know it. These artifacts are highly controversial...

Ancient Dispilio Disk That Seriously Questions Traditional History Of Writing

Shape-Shifting Aliens In Ancient Greece

Mysterious Enormous Underground Labyrinth Of Egypt Holds Secrets Kept From The Outside World

The Navajo People In The Land Of The Four Sacred Mountains
The sky visitors' teachings have always been respected by the Navajo people, who have very strong ties to the past...

Mysterious Ancient Vinca Culture And Its Undeciphered Script
There was once a mysterious European culture, which left a legacy in form of valuable artifacts covered with an unknown, never successfully...

Mystery Of The Ainu Civilization And Its Unknown Origin - Our Ancestors Came From Space
Although the word Ainu means "human", it has to be stated that these people speak a language that resembles no other language on Earth.

Tribute To Zecharia SitchinWho Boldly Revealed The True Story Of The Annunaki, Sumer and Nibiru

Quest For Alexander the Great's Lost Tomb Remains An Eternal Mystery

Secrets Of Bolshoi Zayatsky Island - Mysterious Stone Labyrinths Of Unknown Purpose And Origin

Intriguing Ancient Takenouchi Documents Reveal Humanity's Extraterrestrial Origins
The documents reveal not only the secrets of humanity's extraterrestrial origins, but also the history of Atlantis and location of tomb of Jesus.

Gunung Padang May Hold Evidence Of The Lost City Of Atlantis
According to ancient beliefs stretching back to antiquity, Gunung Padang is a sacred place.

Sumerian King List And Rocket Traveling King Etana

Strange Ancient Labirynth City Under The Sands Of The Kara Kum Desert Reveals Its Secrets

Vimanas - Flying Machines Soaring Through Ancient Sky Of India

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