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6 Unsolved Viking Mysteries

Did Vikings possess superior ancient technology ahead of its time? Can archaeologists solve the puzzle of this ancient Scandinavian mystery? We may think we know a lot about Vikings... Read more:

Strange Ancient Labirynth City Under The Sands Of The Kara Kum Desert Reveals Its Secrets

The Mystery Of The Crystal Skulls

10 Mysterious Mummies From Around The World

Mysterious Visions Inside The Secret Ancient Caves Of Cornwall

400,000-Year-Old Skeleton With Alien DNA Baffles Scientists

Resonance In The Pyramids Of La Maná - Ecuador

The Controversial History Of Moses

Baffling Ancient Man-Made Object Hidden Inside Stone - Another Mysterious Prehistoric High-Tech Artifact

Prehistoric Flying Rocket Ship With Headless Pilot In The Skies Of The Kingdom Of Urartu

'Lost Chapel' Skeletons Still Holding Hands After 700 Years

Unique Massive 'Nazca of Kazakhstan' Geoglyphs In Central Asia

Mystery Of Doppelgangers And Spirit Doubles - From Ancient To Modern Times

Incredible Treasures Discovered In Ancient Tomb In Jordan - Did They Belong To Alexander The Great?

Controversial Study Of Ancient DNA Could Re-Write History Of South Florida And Prove Humans And Huge Prehistoric Animals Co-Existed

Advanced Beings Who Walked Earth Millions Of Years Ago

Mysterious Artifacts: Glowing Black Pyramid
With The Third Eye

Intriguing Ancient Takenouchi Documents Reveal Humanity's Extraterrestrial Origins

Modern Europeans Descended From At Least Three Ancient Populations Within The Last 7,000 Years

Worldwide Phenomenon - Mysterious Gigantic Jars Of Unknown Origin

Mystery Of King David's Extraterrestrial Genes

2,300 Year Old Brain Surgery Recreated - Evidence Found!

Legendary Sea Monster Exists: Icelandic Government Commission Says

Gigantic Scary Airships Traversing The British Sky

10 Mysterious Undeciphered Ancient
Scripts, Tablets, Codes And Maps

Ancient Masters Of The Illuminated Manuscripts

Casa Malpais Underground Catacombs In Arizona
Can Shed New Light On The Grand Canyon
Controversy & Archeological Cover-Up

Mysterious Megalithic Master Works At Ollantaytambo Peru

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Incredible Ancient Masks Reveal Presence Of Giants In Bolivia

Has The Legendary Treasure Of The Llanganates Finally Been Found In The Jungle Of Ecuador?

Gigantic Crescent-Shaped Structure In Israel Older Than Stonehenge And Pyramids of Giza

Grotte de Rouffignac - Cave Of A Hundred Mammoths

5000 Years Of Human History Soon Erased - Extremists Destroy Priceless Artifacts In Iraq And Syria

Tamil Brahmi Script Discovered On Ancient Jars In Egypt And Oman

Caryatids' 2300 Years Old Secrets: Marble Door Leads To The Fourth Chamber

New Surprising Discoveries In The Ancient City Of Patara

Previously Unknown Spiral-Shaped Ground Carving Discovered Near Coventry

Ancient Chinese Ingenuity Created Sophisticated Time Keeping Machines

The Forbidden Legacy
Of A Fallen Race

Legendary Viking Crystal Sunstones And Mysterious Uunartoq Artifact Unraveled

Mystery of The Silver Hands - Prehistoric Tomb Keeps Its Secrets

Did Ancient Astronauts Influence American Mound Builders’ Beliefs About Death?

Remarkable Ancient Alien High-Tech Genetic Disc Could Re-Write Ancient History And Our Origins

An Original Engraving Made by Ancient Advanced Technology?

Amphipolis Discoveries - Two Beautiful Caryatids Guard The Ancient Tomb

Radar Reveals Dozens Of Unknown Prehistoric Monuments Around Stonehenge

Inca: Demise Of A Royal Blood Line Of God Kings

Tokat Castle's Secret Dungeons - Possible Clues About 'Dracula’s Captivity'

A Spark Plug As We Know It Or A Genuine Example Of Advanced..?

Wax Tablets Reveal Ancient Secrets of The Illyrians

3000-Year-Old Bronze Sword Discovered In China

The Riddle of The Blue Blood Gods

Treasures Of The Kushite Necropolis In Northern Sudan - Wall Relief Of Amun-Ra Unearthed

Should Scientists Resurrect Dinosaurs, Neanderthals And Other Extinct Species?

The Guide to Truth: Uncovering the Secrets of a Hidden Ancient Stone Complex

The Khmer City of Phimai - More Ancient Than Angkor Wat

Machu Pic’chu’s Sister: The Lost Inca City Of Choquequirao

The Cave Of The Stone Sepulcher And Its Dark History

Lost Pacific Continent Of Mu Or Lemuria: What Is The Evidence?

The Chinese Nostradamus And His Striking Predictions

Ancient Aliens In Australia:
Pleiadian Origins of Humanity

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Ancient Secrets Of The Nine Unknown Men - Guardians Of Forbidden Knowledge Hidden From Humanity

Did Ancients Master Levitation?

Rosicrucians' Secret Knowledge Of Extraterrestrial Visitations

Mysterious Gobi Sea And A Huge Land Inhabited By The Real Sons Of God

Sacred Tibetan Books Reveal: Unimaginable Lifespan Of The 'Heavely Ones'

Prehistoric Time Travelers


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