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Enigmatic Antikythera Mechanism Still Full Of Secrets

The Antikythera Mechanism still holds many secrets. Now a new analysis of the dial used to predict eclipses, which is set on the back of the mechanism, provides yet another clue to one of history's most intriguing puzzles... Read more:

Never Explained Mystery Of Star-Shaped Towers Of The Himalayas

Decline Of Ancient Sculptures And Figures Of Taxila - Ancient Center Of Higher Education

Mysterious Minaret of Jam - Ancient Missile-Like Skyscraper Pointing To The Stars

Death Is Just An Illusion: We Continue To Live In A Parallel Universe

A Smiling Buddha Idol Found In Ghantasala, Krishna District, India

Mystery Of The Ancient Alien Carving In Nazlet El-Samman, Egypt

Were Neanderthals A Sub-species of Modern Humans? 'No' - Researchers Say

Roman Antiquity's Popular Game Unearthed In Ancient City of Kibyra, Turkey

Ancient Martian Civilization Was Destroyed By A Nuclear Attack From Another Extraterrestrial Race - Physicist Says

Unsolved Enigma Of The Lost City In The Kalahari Desert

Ancient Egyptian Spell Book Deciphered - But Who Was The Mysterious Baktiotha And The Codex's Owner?

Stunning Discovery Of 20,000-Year-Old Rare Hand Stencils In Sydney, Australia

Precious Frescoes Found In Tang Dynasty's Tomb

Bolivia And The Mystery Of The Twins Of Atlantis

Lost Underground City Of The Grand Canyon - An Archeological Cover-Up?

20th Century Race For Tibet’s Ancient Knowledge Reveals Hollow Earth With Inner Sun

Skeleton Of Blue-Eyed And Pale Skin Man Buried In Amphipolis Kasta Tomb

Excavations At More Than 5,000-Year-Old Karkemish - Along The Turkey-Syria Border

Is Mysterious And Powerful Vajra One Of The Most Dangerous Weapons Of The Gods?

Was Terracotta Army Modelled After Real Soldiers? - Ears Offer Important Clues

Etruscan Underground Pyramidal Structures Unearthed In Orvieto, Italy - Their Function Is As Yet Unknown

Tollan - Ancient Capital Of The Mysterious Toltec People

Mystery Of The 1,200-Year-Old Viking Pot And Its Hidden Treasured Revealed

Decoding Ancient Secrets Of Fascinating Virupaksha Temple

Surprising Discovery: Glass Dish Unearthed In Nara, Japan Originates In Roman Empire

A Monastery Or Astronomical Observatory? - Mysterious 1,300-Year-Old Fortress-Like Structure Remains A Mystery

Earliest Known Brain Surgery And First Autopsy Were Performed In Cappadocia's 11,000-Year-Old Settlement

Mysterious Utah: Prehistoric Ancient Petroglyphs Of Santa Clara River Reserve

Cholula Mexico: The World's Largest Ancient 'Pyramid'?

Unlooted Ancient Macedonian Tomb At Aiges: Artifacts Reveal The Exceptional Level Of Macedonian Metallurgy

A 1,000-Year-Old Chinese Tomb Reveals Beautiful Murals And Ceiling Decorated With Stars And Constellations

Unique Depiction Of Unknown Roman Bearded Deity With Astral Symbols Found In Ancient Sanctuary In Turkey

Da Vinci Self-Portrait With "Magical Powers" Hidden From Hitler

Remains Of Ice Age Infants Buried More Than 11,000 Years Ago Discovered In Alaska

The Mycenaeans' Ancient Legacy: Artifacts Discovered On The Bodrum Peninsula, Turkey

Archaeologists Excavate Large Thracian Necropolis With Nearly 100 Prehistoric Graves In Romania

Ancient Manuscript Reveals: Jesus Was Married And Fathered Two Children With Mary Magdalene

Hopi Ancestors Witnessed Alien Flying Shields In The Skies

Ancient Kostenki Man Skeleton Shines New Light On Early Origins Of Europeans

800-Year-Old Skeleton Discovered In Well Confirms The Saga Of King Sverri

5,000-Year-Old Extraordinary Petroglyphs Discovered In The Altai Mountains

Rapid Decline Of Neo-Assyrian Empire Still Baffles Researchers

Masada - The Last Stand Against The Roman Empire

An ancient fortress Masada has its location on an isolated mesa at the western end of the Judean Desert, near the Dead Sea's western shore. Masada was the last stand against the Roman Empire, after the fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD... Read more:

Ancient, Thousands Of Feet Deep Canyon Is Buried In South Tibet, Researchers Say

Curse Of The Unlucky Mummy - When Science And Fear Collide

Mystery Of The Bloody Island Poveglia - A Place Of Hell In Ancient And Modern Times

Le Catillon II Exhibition - World's Largest Celtic Collection Of 70,000 Silver Coins, Gold And Silver Jewellery

The Hidden History of China's Secret Societies

Rare 12th Century Sword May Have Belonged To Russia's Famous Tsar Ivan The Terrible

Scientist Finds Evidence Against Evolution And Gets Fired - Shameful Case For The Scientific Community

Unusual Discovery Of Ancient Egyptian Mummy Still Wearing Jewels

5,000 year Old Stonehenge Monument Revealed

Fall Of The 'Immortal City' Of Misis, Turkey - Excavations Shed Light On Its Past

Father Crespi's Mysterious
Library Of Golden Treasures

Ancient Angkorian Heads Unearthed At One Of Cambodia’s Most Enigmatic Temples

Two Ancient Intriguing Stone Artifacts With Hidden Truth That Must Be Told

Excavations Of The Glorious City Of Persepolis - A Great Ancient Gate Is The Recent Discovery

Tenochtitlan: The Great Ceremonial Capital Of The Aztec People

Mogao Grottoes, Dunhuang, China - Fascinating Statues, Manuscripts And Wall Paintings

Amazing Ancient Site Of Xochicalco “House Of The Flowers” In Mexico

Hyperborea Or Atlantis Ruins: Underground Secrets Of The Sacred Lake On The Arctic Circle

Mystery Of Ancient Egyptian 2,000-Year-Old Child Mummy - Solved

Intriguing Ancient Ceremonial Site Of El Tajin In Mexico

More-Than-2,000-Year-Old Circular Pyramid Discovered in Bolivia

Secrets Of The Watchers, Anunnaki And The New (Reptilian) World Order

Possible Depictions Of Ancient UFO And Invasion In Utah Found

Spaceships Of The Egyptian Gods In The Pharaohs' Land

Controversial Tartaria Tablets: The First Writing System In The World?

Shape-Shifting Aliens In Ancient Greece

Greece: Sensational Discovery At Ancient Amphipolis - Tomb And Skeleton Found

Ancient Hindu High-Tech
That Contributed To Modern Science

Advanced Technology Of The Ancients: Artificial Platforms Of Mighty Nan Madol

Two-Year-Old Baby With 24 Teeth - Mysterious Baby Elongated Skull Of Lake Titicaca Bolivia

Why Was Pharaoh Hatshepsut
Virtually Erased From History?

Mani, Apostle of Light And His Rock Crystal Seal

Mysterious Lion Stone - An Out-Of-Place Artifact

Enormous 5,000-Year-Old Harrapan Stepwell Discovered In Kutch

Recent Discoveries Of Lost Ancient High Technology In Egypt

Unsolved Secrets Of Ninham Mountain In Putnam County

Advanced Alien Technology: Rock-Hewn Churches Of Lalibela

A Stargate? - Mysterious Radio Signals Detected From Ancient Underwater 'Structure' Near Malibu

Controversial "Life Of St Issa" Scroll Reveals Jesus Spent Several Years In India And Tibet

Children 'Helped Build' Gigantic Moose Geoglyph Some 6,000 Years Ago - Researchers Say

Unravelling The Secrets Of Tracey's Ancient Egyptian Tablet - Part 1

Osiris - The First Messiah: Was Jesus The 'Second Coming' Of Egypt's Christ?

The Amazing Megalithic Obelisks Of Axum In Ethiopia

The Sphinx: What Is Wrong With Its Body And Head?


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Is Mysterious And Powerful Vajra One Of The Most Dangerous Weapons Of The Gods?

An unknown, terrible and powerful ancient weapon could have contributed to the collapse of one or several advanced technologically civilizations that existed in the distant past. Could it be that the mysterious and terrible vajra - a powerful thunderbolt throwing light - was one of such unbelievable weapons? Read more:

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